Here are some suggestions for ways to get started with learning Portuguese and break the ice as a beginner:

  • Download a Portuguese language learning app on your phone. Games, flashcards and daily lessons make study fun and accessible anywhere.
  • Follow Portuguese Instagram or YouTube accounts that post videos/photos with captions. Exposure to real language in a low-pressure way helps familiarize your ear.
  • Make a playlist of Brazilian or Portuguese music. Singing along is a stress-free way to pick up vocabulary and perfect your pronunciation.
  • Watch kids’ shows or movies on Netflix with Portuguese audio & subtitles. The slower pace and visuals boost comprehension.
  • Use HelloTalk or Tandem to find a language partner. Exchanging basic introductory information with a native speaker motivates practice.
  • Try preparing and cooking a traditional Portuguese or Brazilian dish. Reading ingredients introduces new food words.
  • Read short news articles or blog posts in Portuguese out loud. Start with copy-and-paste reading to build confidence.
  • Memorize common greetings and questions. Smiling and using your few words breaks the ice when speaking to Portuguese speakers.
  • Keep a language diary in Portuguese. Writing daily prompts gets you using verbs and vocabulary.
  • Set achievable daily/weekly goals. Small wins keep you motivated when first learning.

The key is starting with low-pressure exposure that’s fun and helps familiarize your brain with Portuguese. Confidence will come with regular immersion and practice.

Josh Plotkin Changed status to publish August 25, 2023