Here are some common ways to say “good night” in Portuguese:

  • Boa noite (BOW-ah NOYT-ch) – The most basic and standard way to say good night in Portuguese. It literally means “good night.”
  • Durma bem (DUR-mah BANG) – Wishing someone a good night’s sleep. This means “sleep well.”
  • Boa noite, durma bem – A common farewell phrase combining the first two, saying “good night, sleep well.”
  • Até amanhã (ah-TEH ah-mah-NYANG) – “Until tomorrow.” Used when leaving for the night with plans to see the person again the next day.
  • Até logo (ah-TEH LOH-goo) – A casual “see you later/around” that can substitute for just “good night” among friends.
  • Boa noite, descanse – More formal, means “good night, rest.”
  • Dormir bem (dohr-MEER bang) – Imperative, “sleep well.” As in “Dormir bem!”
  • Doce sonhos (DOH-seh SOHN-roos) – Literally “sweet dreams.” Less common but occasionally used way to say good night.
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