It is possible to gain a basic level of proficiency in Portuguese within one year of study if dedicating around 1 hour per day, but becoming truly fluent would take longer. Here are some factors to consider:

  • With daily 1 hour study sessions, you can expect to complete a beginner Portuguese course within 6-9 months. This will build basic vocabulary and grammar foundations.
  • At an hour a day, you’ll complete around 200-260 study hours in a year. This allows slow but steady progress through beginner and into intermediate levels.
  • Be sure to supplement lessons with podcasts, music, TV/films to accelerate language acquisition through comprehensible input.
  • Additional time spent practicing conversation is important since speaking takes the longest to develop. Language exchange apps/tutors help with this.
  • It may take 1-2 years at 1 hour daily to reach an intermediate-mid level where you can discuss most everyday topics comfortably.
  • Fluency generally requires 2-4 years of focused study to attain near-native mastery of vocabulary, idioms etc.
  • Immersion through travel is highly beneficial for accelerating listening/speaking skills.

So while basic proficiency is plausible in 1 year at 1 hour daily, becoming truly fluent takes longer. But it provides a solid start and allows continual growth beyond the first year through consistent study, practice and immersion over time. Commitment is key to maximizing progress.

Josh Plotkin Changed status to publish August 25, 2023