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Brazilian Gringo is an educational service for foreigners in Brazil, that helps you learn Portuguese and understand the culture so that you’ll live a better life in Brazil.

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Brazil Integration Resources

Learn how to become a Brazilian Gringo so that you don’t just survive, but thrive in Brazil, and open new doors to lifestyle and business opportunities.

Brazilian Culture

Brazilian Culture

When in Brazil do as the Brazilians do

Live in Brazil

Live in Brazil

Practical tips for making life in Brazil less bureaucratic

Learn Portuguese

Learn Portuguese

Tips and resources for learning Brazilian Portuguese

Teach English in Brazil

Teach English in Brazil

Make a living in Brazil by helping Brazilians become world citizens

Brazilian Gringo Classroom

The Brazilian Gringo Classroom is where teachers from all over the world come to share their experiences about life in Brazil so that you are better prepared to move to Brazil, learn Portuguese, adapt to the culture and find success when you get here.

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How to Fly Round Trip to Brazil for $397

One of the common misconceptions that people have about traveling is that plane tickets are really expensive. The truth is that you can bring your flight costs almost down to 0 if you take advantage of a little known system called Travel Hacking. A lot of credit card...

How to Volunteer at the 2016 Olympics in Rio

  I was recently contacted by a representative of British Consulate in Rio with an opportunity that might be interesting for some of you living in Brazil. Rio 2016 is looking to recruit foreign volunteers for the Olympic Games. They are looking to increase the...

I’m leaving Brazil for a while

I’ve spent most of the last three years in Brazil and consider it my home away from home. During this time I made the occasional trip to somewhere else, but I always came back to Brazil before too long. Today I’m leaving Brazil again, but without the intention of...

How to learn Portuguese

Why do some people speak fluent Portuguese after only a few months in Brazil while others can hardly order at a restaurant after being here for a year? Watch the video to learn about the language learning habits of successful Brazilian Gringos. Brazilian Gringo vs...

josh plotkin in the amazon

How I Became a Brazilian Gringo

E aí, tudo bem?

I left the US in 2010 to teach English to speakers of other languages. I did a teacher training course in Mexico and taught in Colombia for a short time before coming to Brazil. From the first moment I was hooked and I knew I wanted to stay in Brazil long term.

Since then I’ve lived in a number of different cities in Brazil, I’ve achieved a high level of Portuguese fluency and I’ve taught English to a lot of Brazilians.

I created this website to help the growing number of foreigners who want to teach English in Brazil and become Brazilian Gringos. If that is your dream I want to help make it happen. Let me know if I can help.
Read more about my story here.