Today I learned a fun word for talking about problems. Let’s say you find yourself in a situation where something might go horribly wrong. Normally you might say something like, “Isso vai dar merda,” which would loosely be translated as, “this is going to make a shitstorm.” Now this is very strong language, and it might […]

20 Questions Every Traveler Should Know How to Answer

meeting new friends

Meeting different people is my favorite part about traveling. The people you meet on your travels can change your entire life’s trajectory by introducing you to new ideas and experiences that you wouldn’t have encountered otherwise. As a foreigner in a foreign land, it’s crucial that you speak the local language so that you gain access […]


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I was hanging out with a friend from Brazil here in Los Angeles, and we ended up meeting up with some other friends from Brazil. We met up at a Piano Bar in LA, and I was impressed by the way that they were able to carry out a normal conversation in front of a band that […]

How much Russian can you learn in 30 days?

russian flag

Have you ever wondered how much of a foreign language you can speak after a month? I’ve been learning Russian for about a month now, and have been making decent progress with the language. Don’t take my word for it though, here, here is a video of my progress after 30 days. In this post […]

How to Pick The Right Teacher on Italki


In the previous post I mentioned three places where you can find online teachers to help you learn Portuguese. One of the suggestions was Italki, the language learning social network that connects teachers and students. One of the advantages of Italki is that it is an open marketplace that any qualified teacher can join and sell their […]