How to Behave More Brazilian During Conversations

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Here’s a quick tip for you on how to behave more Brazilian during conversations. When Brazilians are talking they’re not actually communicating with words, they’re communicating with emotions. A problem that a lot of foreigners have when they’re speaking Portuguese or speaking with Brazilians is that they’re too logical and not using enough emotion in […]

Youtube Channels Made For and By Brazilian Gringos

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  Back in 2013 it was a lonely time to be a Brazilian Gringo on Youtube. Aside from a handful of “look at me I speak Portuguese” videos and “here’s what gringos think about Brazil” videos there wasn’t much Brazil focused content. Aside from Charlie there weren’t any foreigners that were serious about building a Youtube audience either […]



Today I learned a fun word for talking about problems. Let’s say you find yourself in a situation where something might go horribly wrong. Normally you might say something like, “Isso vai dar merda,” which would loosely be translated as, “this is going to make a shitstorm.” Now this is very strong language, and it might […]

20 Questions Every Traveler Should Know How to Answer

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Meeting different people is my favorite part about traveling. The people you meet on your travels can change your entire life’s trajectory by introducing you to new ideas and experiences that you wouldn’t have encountered otherwise. As a foreigner in a foreign land, it’s crucial that you speak the local language so that you gain access […]